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Why can't I load the remote computers on my network enmass? We have 580 computers to manage and Radmin has been a Godsend. It has more than paid for itself. However, I have just reloaded and upgraded my console computer... and there went all my entries. How can I reload them all without connecting one at a time? for example, list them in a text file and load them in that way.How about it Tech Support, can you help me/us?
Radmin Viewer connections list (phonebook) is stored in the registry. You can make copies by running regedit.exe.

Export all subkeys from the path


to a file (settings.reg, for example). You can import this registry file to other computers to copy the phonebook.


regedit.exe /s settings.reg

You will get the same list.

Let me know if I can be of any other assistance with Famatech products.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Also... if you use the beta 3.0 viewer, you can put address book up on the network and us that one for all you servers. We work that way, and it's gr8!!! (the open file issue still holds here unfortunatly!)
We have a similar situation. The problem is that at some point, someone has to sit down and key in ALL the computers. :( Once that is done, migrating the list from machine to machine is trivial.

Is there some way to load a large list of machines into a properly formatted text file that could then be merged into the registry?

I've been comparing the hex keys of the address book registry entries for several machines and the obvious differences are in the IP address and name, but there are several places where there is a difference with no apparent reason. In my limited scanning, the 'unexplainable' differences are in hex locations 72-74, 8f, and those are repeated in d6-d8 and f3.

TIA to anyone who can offer any insight or suggestions for what to do?
Is there some way to load a large list of machines into a properly formatted text file that could then be merged into the registry?

There's no such way now.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Thanks a million (keystrokes) for the help. The registry export/import did the trick.
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