Features that would be helpfull in 3.0


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Features that would be helpfull in 3.0
I have to run a program to restart my computer once per day at 3am to keep it stable. Also my router is connected to an appliance timer to reboot it at 3am. I have a dynamic IP address so it changes everytime the router reboots, so I have to run a program (IPMonitor 4.5) which uploads (ftp) to my website which shows the current IP address of my machine (also it emails me)

Why not make it so that Radmin Can reboot the system at certian times each day?

Why not make it so that Radmin can monitor a dynamic IP address and email you or ftp changes to a website?
One billion programs and ways to do that and it's not really in the scope of a remote control program.

Look at the windows built-in scheduler and shutdown command to reboot your system on a regular basis.
There is plenty of Dynamic DNS host on the net, like DynDNS, which allow you to have a fixed host name instead of having to remember your IP, and change the redirection when needed. (Look for DirectUpdate is good, but sadly not free). Very useful.
I agree that there are many Dynamic DNS host on the net, but also a quick and easy "callback feature" would solve the problems for many of us.
I would be more concerned on why your system needs to be rebooted every night to remain stable. That is what you "should" focus on. What is the cause of the stability problems?

Why reboot your router every night ? Stability issues also? Again you have more problems than trying to figure out why Famatech's Radmin doesn't reboot PC's at scheduled times.
can't you run a scheduled task to run a batch file running the shutdown command. Or fix the pc :D
I use RAdmin in an environment where i have quite a few fixed connections in my phonebook (servers) and i connect to our users machines internally to provide support.... it would be really useful for me if you could have a setup option (or reg key) that allowed you to set the 'add to the phonebook' option on the connect to screen to 'off' by default rather than 'on'

This may already be possible but i couldnt find the setting anywhere ... any advice would be appreciated.


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