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Magic Packet and WOL, Remote Viewer Wakeup
Desperatley missing is the WOL facility. All it takes is you guys to add the facilities to send a WOL packet to the respective server before sending password, So we have stages...
1, test to see if server is asleep/standby, which you already do with the Remote Viewer version 3 scan utility.
2. if no response, try WOL packet using the remote server MAC and IP address stored in the Connection Properties
3. wait to see if server wakes up.
4. log-in with password.
or something along those lines?

So how about it. Can you add the required WOL facility/protocol to Remote Viewer 3 and really amaze us?

Our Advanced IP Scanner can wake a remote computer on the same LAN. Advanced IP Scanner can be downloaded for free from

Radmin will wake a remote computer only if that remote computer is configured to "Wake on magic packet". Remote computer can be waked only from "suspend" state.

Please note that Wake-on-LAN feature must be supported by the remote PC's motherboard, network card and other hardware. Operating system must be correctly configured as well.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes,I have seen and used the Advanced IP Scanner and at the moment, I have configured and tested one of my PCs for WOL/Magic Packet successfully.

But why use two seperate pieces of software to waken up a remote PC? Surely if you built-in WOL features into Radmin, it would be a great asset and please many administrators :-)

I wonder how many other users of Radmin would like the ability to WOL and similar protocols, such as Magic Packet through Radmin?

Regards, Mick
I requested this feature about a year ago and I got the same response. I would rather it all be integrated into the viewer also.
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