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Love Radmin, Some wishes
I have had Radmin for over 3 years now. I love it! I think it is by far the best remote access app I have used. And now I have just signed up to this forum and discovered there are a lot of loyal Radmin users just like me.

I have - over the years trying to get a feeling as to when the next version of r_server will be released. But I only got a promise that "they are working on the next release." but have not come up with a release date or even a time frame. I asked for over three years, but the answer is always the same. And, to date, I have not seen a word about the availability dates of the new release.

This leads me to guess that the company might be in some kind of financial trouble. Because if it were technical problem - it would probably have been resolved or at least by-passed long time ago.

I have no confirmation from the company if they are in any trouble, but this type of product delivery is bad trouble or not. I am concerned about it.

I wish the management can come out and let us know what is happening and why the delivery of the next version takes such incredibly long time? We will stick by the product better if the company is straight with us.

Also a VERY IMPORTANT feature Radmin currently is lacking, but just about all other remote admin apps have is the "Call Back" function. I strongly hope they will put it in the next release (if we ever going ot get one) It will enable user to connect behind the home router. Currently we have to use the router port forwarding feature to do it. This is messy and people can switch ports and end up unable to connect. So the Call Back function is really VERY crutial to any remote admin apps. considering nowadays there are so many PCs connected to routers!!

I enquired about this function half a year ago and was told they will put it in the next release.

I'd appreciate if the management can let us know if they are commited to incorporate this fuction in the next release? And (I hate to ask again...) when will be the next release? If you can not give a date, at least let us know what is holding the next release so long? Seems like a responsible thing to do?
Hello Robert,

I absolutely agree that it's extremely important for the company to be straight with the users. I'd really wish I could provide you with Radmin new features right now.

Now you can use not only Radmin but also Radmin CS available in beta now. I'm not sure if you need this product specific features but anyway you can see that we have done something.

Actually we have developed much more features. By some reasons we can't release Radmin 3.0 right today. It's because we've found out the we can make Radmin faster and more secure. It required us to completely revise Radmin communication protocol, screen capturing technology etc. Unforunately we spent too much time on this. Nevertheless, I can assure you and all our users that our company is stable, we're expanding in size, we have done a lot of things that you do not see currently and we have many new plans.

I admit that we should have planned a bit less features for 3.0 and provide you with more regular updates. Of course, we've made appropriate conclusions. So after 3.0 release we'll be releasing updates much more often.

Thank you very much for your feedback.
Best regards,
Dmitry Kurashev
Famatech International, Director

Thank you for answering, however, your response does not present any new information to the users. This information has been told to us before.

What is your best estimate for the release of the new version? Can we expect it before 2006?

Is there any chance that a new "Development" forum can be opened to have questions answered by Famatech's development team? This would help answer the users questions and take some strain off of Ilia and the other tech support members.

Thank you for your time,

according to our own schedule we expect to finish the development in December, 2005. We're really bound to announce the release not later than CeBIT-2006 fair that will be in March. So it's our deadline that we have to meet.

I can talk to our developers regarding you suggestion. However it would be great to have better understanding about what kind of questions (except the expected release date, of course) you're most interested in.

Best regards,
Many people who have not been browing the forums may not be aware that release dates were given before and never met. Radmin 3.0 was promised at least three times and finally they started delivering the famous "floating time frame" quote.

We were definitely misled to believe that we would hear something about Radmin 3.0 at CEBIT this year. Instead we hear about a new product! Needless to say, it doesn't make Radmin users happy to see a new product released when we are continuously told that Radmin 3.0 is still being developed.

Finnaly, Radmin 3.0 better be FANTASTIC. It's so late that new products like UltraVNC and Remote Control Pro are free and very good! I suggest that Radmin change it's licensing model to be like DameWare Mini-remote where it's per administrator instead of per machine. That means an administrator can purchase a single license and connect to unlimited machines. With RDP included in Windows and LogMein available as a free service, the price needs to be very attractive.
Our licensing policy will be modified after the release of version 3.0
Let me start by agreeing with Robert. I have seen posts over the last 3 years and posted 4 in the last 3 weeks myself. All of which have been deleted. Some of these were very similar and posted to different forums and all deleted. They were there long enough to receive a few replies but were eventually deleted. If they were deleted due to forum violations, there are several more that still exist that should have been removed. I actually posted one in the beta forum with some issues as well as a request for an update on the release. It, too, was deleted. At a minimum, it should have remained and the sections in "violation" should have been removed.

I would like to add that I did receive a response after sending an e-mail directly to the PR department. I do believe that new products are needed for any company but not at the expense of neglecting the flagship product!

On there otherhand I would agree there are many recent positives, such as replies from Famatech. There is a loyal following but the point is a lot of customer satisfaction needs to be rebuilt or it will be lost for good as people move to freeware or alternative solutions (if they haven't already).

Hopefully valuable lessons were learned during the 3+ years and counting with respect to communication to users, feature enhancement requests, etc.

I am optimistic that it will be a great product but "seeing is believing!"

So with all that being said, while an estimate of March 2006 is targeted Radmin Server v3.0, is this just the beta or the official release. If it is the official release, can we expect to see a public beta in the September or October timeframe, if not sooner? It would seem that something should be relatively close to release... And what about Radmin Viewer v3.0 beta? Is there a new beta version that addresses some of the known issues?

1. Loss of keyboard control - workaround is to change window focus to something else and then return to Viewer window.
2. No ballon tips for icons in the system tray on Windows XP. This is NOT an issue on Windows 2000.

Thanks in advance.
I would imagine questions such as:

1) Current progress
2) Expected release dates (yes we do want to know this!)
3) Expected features

There are other similar questions that I'm sure the users of this forum would be able to come up with to ask the developers.
Pat Waugh wrote:
3) Expected features

I believe this is more a question of whether the information at [URL=]Radmin Server 3.0[/URL] has been updated?

Another question: Will the installer allow a customized install? We may not want to install Chat for example...
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