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RAdmin Integration, RAdmin Integration
Hi All,

I would like to integrate Radmin Client with other aplication developed by my team. In other words, instead of use de RAdmin Client i would like to access some "api" and incorporate this ability for own software. Questions: Does this "api" exists?

Thanks in advance...
Does this "api" exists?

No. We do not provide Radmin API or SDK.

However, you can run Radmin Server and Radmin Viewer with command-line switches from a shortcut or another (your own) program. These command-line switches are described in Radmin help files.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Is latest version of Radmin is available in SDK version so that it can be integrated with another application?
No SDK available.
You don't need an api or an SDK.....

just URL support. You may need to change the path to radmin viewer because it changed after my post in 2005. Anyway it works for me and I hope it works for you. With these settings you can access your PC's from within your browers, command line and of course your own programs.
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