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I recently got frustrated with radmin so decided to explorer other options. I stll prefer radmin only 1 thing.. I tried beanywhere and i have to ask. the automated port configure option needs to be in radmin. If radmin had this option I think the forums would be allot less crowded with repeat questions. Add this feature "witch even configures hardware firewalls" and you would cut my IT time in, well I can't tell you cause 98% of my time is spent trying to get router passwords and ips for cubies. Please make my Job easier!!!
Third-party software should not silently change firewall settings set by firewall administrator. This would ruin security system.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Just use Hamachi and ur router problems go AWAY!

Just google it and read their forums - too much to explain. Its VERY easy though.

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