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so ... what's the deal ... planning it in 2005 ... nothing yet? no alpha even?
please ... fish or cut bait! :evil:
Hello? anybody?

Come on Famatech Last update in 2005? MAC viewer please, either say your not going to consider it or give a date for us to look forward to, its now 2010! Radmin is falling behind, either keep up or loose customers.

Constructive of course!

Radmin viewer works under Wine for Mac, Radmin server requires a fresh development from scratch, so far we not started development for Mac yet. So no ETA available.
I use a mac and only want to view connections with os x and not host using radmin server.

The best way to install radmin viewer is by using Cross Over for mac, the standard version is £25 and will allow you to install .exe files without hosting a bloaty OS such as windows etc.

I have installed it this evening and tested it and it works perfectly, i have the radmin icon pinned to the dock and it loads just like it does in windows!

you can get cross over from here:

hope this is of help.


I see these are old postings, but is the situation still the same with Radmin and Mac?
I did install Cross Over, but Radmin viewer is not on the list of supported (or unsupported) applications. How do I install it? I already have a licence.

What is Wine for Mac?

Thank you
Just copy Radmin viewer and use it. It actually doesn't need to be installed.
+1 right here.

I want to know does your software support Mac OS as well now?

Thanks! :?:
Radmin viewer works on emulators, Radmin server doesn't
Is there an update to this forum? Is there a Mac OSX compatible version of RAdmin available yet?
Not yet. And no ETA :(
I know you probably can't officially confirm this, Eugene, but I get the impression you are just as frustrated with the lack of progress as the rest of us are.


(And don't give me that surprised look! I still monitor the forums, I just don't participate much these days ... )

Oops! Wrong account. Didn't know that one still existed!

Well, solution for Mac isn't our top priority now, but I hope at some point we will make it.
I saw this topic was started from 2005.
We're wait so long, so we decided to use TeamView to instead of Radmin since Radmin are not working on Mac , Linux ... only microsoft .....
We have the same situation. Had to move to Teamviewer because of changing our PC's to Mac's. Had great need in Radmin viewer.
Hi Team,

This post start on 11/23/2005.

Have not Mac version Beta yet?

We are lost sales because there is not Mac version. Can any body get the company reins seriously?

Is not worth say "Radmin is the faster, the best performance, better if have not Mac/Linux version up today. Can not compete so!!!

Can any body do anything!!???

Nope. Not any soon.
Radmin Viewer Module can be used in Mac OS & Linux via compatibility layer software application such as Wine, or virtualization software such as Parallels. Besides, you can use both Radmin Modules if you have Windows as a 2nd OS.
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