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Solutions for Mac, Mac
Not yet. And no ETA :(
I know you probably can't officially confirm this, Eugene, but I get the impression you are just as frustrated with the lack of progress as the rest of us are.


(And don't give me that surprised look! I still monitor the forums, I just don't participate much these days ... )

Oops! Wrong account. Didn't know that one still existed!

Well, solution for Mac isn't our top priority now, but I hope at some point we will make it.
I saw this topic was started from 2005.
We're wait so long, so we decided to use TeamView to instead of Radmin since Radmin are not working on Mac , Linux ... only microsoft .....
We have the same situation. Had to move to Teamviewer because of changing our PC's to Mac's. Had great need in Radmin viewer.
Hi Team,

This post start on 11/23/2005.

Have not Mac version Beta yet?

We are lost sales because there is not Mac version. Can any body get the company reins seriously?

Is not worth say "Radmin is the faster, the best performance, better if have not Mac/Linux version up today. Can not compete so!!!

Can any body do anything!!???

Nope. Not any soon.
Radmin Viewer Module can be used in Mac OS & Linux via compatibility layer software application such as Wine, or virtualization software such as Parallels. Besides, you can use both Radmin Modules if you have Windows as a 2nd OS.
Edited: Ekaterina Safonova - 28.01.2015 05:15:53
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