router and radmin


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router and radmin
In the network of a office wth 5 PS's,
PC1, PC2, ..PC5.

there is a router with an address IP XX.XX.XX.XX. i have opened the port 5600.

What have to do to connect with PC2 ( from my home ? I have a modem 56k.
Open up port 5600 on your firewall to one of the 5 office computers. You should be able to connect to this computer directly. Then use the "connect through host" option to connect to your other 4 office computers. Details on using the "connect through host" option are described in the help file.
This rows are hel file of radmin:

This lets you connected through an intermediate host when there is no direct TCP/IP connection with the computer you want to administer, but an intermediate computer (or host) does have a direct TCP/IP connection to both your target computer and to your computer. Radmin server must be runing on such an intermediate (host) computer for this to work.

my network is:

PCMyHome_____ RouterOffice_____NetworkOf5PC's

The intermediate computer from PCMyHome and PC2 is a router.

I know ip address of router.

How can i connect PCMyHome with a only Computer of NetworkOf5PC's, precisely with PC2 ?
On PC2, make sure it can recieve port 5600 (no firewall).

On the ROUTER, make sure it has PORT FORWARDING 5600 to PC2.

From then on when you do "connect thru" you're going to enter the information for PC2
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