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Compare to NetInfo

I use NetInfo and IPMonitor, what are the main advantages of radmin, ah?

P.S.: - to make easy the searching :D
Radmin is an award-winning remote control program that enables you to work on one or more remote computers from your own. It is a complete remote control solution with all key features such as File Transfer, NT security, Telnet and Multilanguage GUI support included.

How It Works

You see the remote computer's screen on your monitor either in a window or full screen. All your mouse movements and keypresses are transferred directly to the remote computer. You work on the remote computer just as if you were right there at it. According to our tests and user feedback, Radmin outperforms every other remote control software in speed and amount of work that can be done.

The remote computer can be located anywhere on the Internet or your local area network. With Radmin you don't need a fast network connection to work on a remote computer. Even if you are connected by modem, you can reach a reasonable speed of about 5-10 screen updates per second. If connected to a LAN you can reach the real-time speeds of about 100 - 500 screen updates per second. This can be adjusted up or down to save bandwidth.

Security and Reliability

Radmin is easy to use and very secure, providing 128 bit strong encryption of all data streams. Its software is based on TCP/IP protocol, the most widespread protocol used in WAN's and LAN's. This means you can control a computer located anywhere in the world. When in "Full control" mode you can do what you like on the remote computer: transfer files to and from, even shut it down. That is, provided you are the system administrator or have been granted these permissions by the sysadmin. Radmin was designed from the outset to be very secure.

It is also extremely reliable, working many months without exceptions.

Easy to Use

An important advantage of Radmin is its simple interface. It is devoid of useless 'value added' features that bloat software, make it hard to work with, difficult to learn and slow it down.

Best regards,
Roman Makarov.

Technical Support.
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Radmin 3.5

Windows 10 Compatible


Free for 30 days


Only $49 per lifetime license
for  50 PCs - $29.8 per remote PC
for 100 PCs - $24.9 per remote PC
for 150 PCs - $23.3 per remote PC
from 200 PCs - $22 per remote PC
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