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help with my LAN setup, can anyone help me?
Hello, im having a problem with setting up radmin viewer to allow me to see other computers on my LAN network. I have Remote Administrator v2.2 Server installed on all of the computers that i would like to connect to.

I have a LinkSys router and i am connected wirelessly

Instructions on configuring LinkSys routers to forward Radmin connections to specified computer inside LAN:

Linksys port setup.

Select "Advanced".
Select "Forwarding".
"Ext.Port" = 4899 to 4899 (if you're using the default Radmin port)
Check "Protocol TCP"
Enter your "IP Address"
Check "Enable"
Click "Apply"

Now, any requests from the internet on port 4899 to your router/firewall will go to your computer's IP. So now you can access your computer through the Internet using Radmin.
im not trying to access the computer from outside the network, but rather from inside, im trying to access the computers at my office in order to monitor my employees work activities.

how can i go about connecting to a computer from the same router?

thank you,
Make sure that you can ping remote computer.

Make sure that Radmin connections aren't blocked by antiviral tools or XP built-in firewall.
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