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I just bought a new Router: D-Link DGL-4300 and don't really know how to set it up to remote other 2 computers at my parents home.

My setup:
ZyXEL Prestige 600 series ADSL Modem
D-Link DGL-4300 Router
Computer - Static internal IP set to
ext. Ip:

Parents home:
ADSL Modem
ZyXEL Prestige334 Router
4 Computers are connected to the Router
All computers have static IPs and I want to remote conenct to 2 of them only, that have IP: and
Also all computers are using 1 ext IP:

What to do for me to remote connect to my parents home 2 of 4 computers and Im really lost when it comes to networking. Also this is first time I trying to use a remote tool and really don't know how to set it all up.
Have read over again and again in other topics. Still I can't get it about how to do?
Would be really nice if someone can describe step by step for me and split it up in 2 section, like:

My Home:

Parents home:

thanks in advance!


Have already solved it, it was much easier then I thought and all was open ports to LAN IP. Was confused before when reading peoples saying open port from external IP to LAN IP. But that was not the case, all needed was open port to LAN IP and type the WAN IP to connect to the remote computer.
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