Two routers


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Two routers
My friend is trying to put radmin 2.1 on his laptop and desktop at home. The laptop gets ADSL of the wireless router, and the desktop also plugs into the wireless router. The wireless router is then connected via WAN to the ADSL router.

I saw in the forum there that we have to open/forward ports from the router. I don't see any option in the ADSL router admin page (a Paradyne 6211) to open or forwards ports, there is however a option under NAT called Virtual Servers and Port Triggering.
In the wireless router, there is also an option call Virtual Server. I tired putting the IP of the desktop under both Virtual Servers with the correct port, but I still can't connect to the server using the public IP. I also tried putting the IP for the wireless router in the Virtual Server config for the ASDSL router and the the desktop IP of the computer in the Virtual server for the wireless router, but it stil didn't work/connect.
Your final solution should have worked. Try tweaking the settings again.

A better solution would be to eliminate the wireless router and get a simple wireless access point instead. Your PC could connect via Ethernet cable to your ADSL modem. The wireless AP would connect to the ADSL using an Ethernet cable. Your laptop would connect through the wireless AP to the ADSL modem for it's DHCP IP and DNS resolution. That should allow the traffic to go from the outside world to either PC or laptop (as long as you setup NAT and port triggering on the ADSL modem).

Good luck,
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I assume your friend's two computers are able to access the Internet through the two routers so I'll conclude the network setup on the two is fine.

I have set up this kind of arrangement more than once, where the DSL connection is in a different part of the building from where the wireless is needed to be able to reach another building nearby so 2 routers are needed. I choose to use wireless routers not wireless bridges in order to reduce the wireless traffic.

The typical config is to forward port 4900 on the DSL router to the wireless router's WAN port IP address, and in turn forward port 4900 in the wireless router's config to the first computer on the other side of the wireless link. (I use port 4900 because port 4899 is already in use for computers on the LAN in the first building.)

In looking at the Paradyne 6211's config online I do see port forwarding in the Advanced menu.

One issue you may have is if the wireless router's WAN IP is being assigned via the Paradyne router's DHCP. Even if this works initially the address will change and break the RAdmin access. Better to use a static IP. In looking further at the Paradyne manual I see in Setup that it uses from .2 to .254 for the DHCP range. Linksys and others I've worked with start at .100 and I recommend you change the Paradyne's DHCP config to match. Then you can manually assign a static IP to the wireless router's WAN port of anything from .2 to .99. Whatever address you use set that as the address to port forward to in the Paradyne, of course.

If checking all this doesn't get it working I suggest temporarily plugging the laptop into a LAN port on the Paradyne and configure the port forwarding on the Paradyne to use the laptop's IP while troubleshooting. If that works you know the Paradyne config is good and the problem is either in the relationship between the two routers or the wireless router config.

If it doesn't work you may find the laptop's Windows firewall is blocking RAdmin or something. I usually turn off the MSoft firewall as the NAT in the DSL router provides sufficient firewalling so the Windows firewall is redundant. There was one Windows update not too long ago that turned the firewall back on without asking so you might check that rather than assume it's the way you set it before.

Hope this helps.
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