How to remotely control Pc outside, through internet


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How to remotely control Pc outside, through internet
I am newbie to this kind of remote administering, can i remotely control my branch PC, since i am 20 kilometers away from it. Can anybody teach me to configure the remote server in detail?


1. Make sure TCP/IP protocol is properly installed on both computers (you can check that by PING command. Run IPCONFIG.EXE to find out current TCP/IP configuration and IP's of both computers).

2. Run Radmin Server on the computer you want to control remotely. This computer will be called "remote computer" or "server", and computer you are connecting from is called "local computer" or "client".

3. People from the remote side must tell you the IP address of the remote computer.

4. Make sure, that both computers are connected to network and you can ping remote computer from local computer (use PING command for that).

5. Run Radmin Viewer on the local computer, click "Connect/Connect to" menu, enter the IP address of the remote computer. If all is configured correctly, you will see remote computer's desktop and be able to operate it by mouse and keyboard! See Radmin documentation for details.

If you can't connect, there are things you must check:

- Make sure that port 4899 is opened on remote computer (you can use any
freeware port scanner for this, for example - Advanced Port Scanner
that can be downloaded for free from
- If one remote computer uses modem connection, it will be better to get
permanent IP address for it, or you will need to get it's IP each
time it is connected to your ISP.
- If your remote computer is connected to network via proxy or firewall,
make sure that firewall's configured to allow all connections on port 4899.
- If your remote computer is in LAN, has no real IP, and your local
computer is not in the same LAN: please configure your LAN server with
real IP to forward all connections on port 4899 to remote computer,
and use your LAN's server IP instead of remote computer's IP in
"connect to" dialog.
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