Any other options than port fowarding?


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Any other options than port fowarding?, Computers with same disc image.

I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion towards my problem.

here is the scenario:
I have a network with a few clients. Each client on the network copies a disc image from an image server at every reboot. All computers therefore are exactly identical.
I can only use a single port for all computers.
When I need to remotely access a client. I need to log on to the router and change the IP the port points to every time.

I would really like to find a way to bypass this boring procedure.

Any suggestion would be nice.
Bear in mind that I can only use the same port for all clients as they are all "cloned".

Any suggestion is much appreciated.
If your PC's get a static IP then you could NAT that out to different public IP's.
If your PC's get a static name, then you could use a VPN tunnel and allow WINS or DNS name resolution to solve your problem.

The best solution would be to eliminate your "image on every boot" scenario and simply use group policies to lock down the PC's from user changes.

Good luck,
Thomas Dietrich
Network Administrator
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If you are going through a router and only have one port, use that machine as the proxy for any machines on the other side of the network, they can all use the same port as well.
Rohnish, I am going to assume your server is a windows server. You can port forward a port to your server. Then you can give yourself connect thru permission within radmin on the server. Then go to your Radmin viewer and create a connection to your server. Once that is done create a new connection to the LAN computers you want to control. Enable the connect thru option and select the server as the connect thru machine. (Note Radmin 3.0 beta does not support the connect thru opton at this time) This should allow you to connect to the other machines. When making the connection you maybe prompted twice for User Id and password. The first would be to the server user id / password and the second will be for the LAN computers user id /password. This should not require any nat'ing of public IP address. If your broadband connection uses a dynamic public IP you can use dynamic dns to resolve to a name. You can find out more about dynamic dns at This will allow you to connect to your server using a dns name such as "yourservername.dydns.XXX” and you will not have to worry with the IP changes. I hope this help :D
Stacey Cline
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