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radmin on unix, connect remote to a unix server with a static ip addres
Good evening, I'been reading your forums in search for a solutions to our problem, this is the scenario, we have a database which we ran on a sco 5.1 server, this is on site A, all teh computers on this location connecte to this server using a tyni term sotware application wich emules a scoansi termminal on a windows based oc, we have a internal ip static ip addres of our router us a dlynk 900 i don't recall a this moment, ok all te computers acces to this server troug teh software above or via telnet, the data base was created on fip language so pretty much is text ok so far so good, but about 5 km from site A site b needs to connecte, we don't have a vpn o anithing like that due to budget, but I wan to see if radmin gave us the solution, on site B we hae dsl and about one meg of bandwith, there is 5 people that needs to connect to site A, mi question is how can I connecte to site A i have an idea but to get to the unix server , I hope you folks can give us the solution the rather spend on a fast and reliable solution then expensive hardware, also what will be the speed of tranfering the info like i said is text based no graphics only text and printing thank you so much in :D advanced :D
As far as i know, Radmin is Windows only.

On the other hand versions of VNC anc clones (Tight VNC, Ultra VNC..) ru on Linux, and i suppose also on Unix.

SCO has a commercial Termvision software on the server side, you talked about it; But Termvision emulators (ANSI, WYSE or whatever you want) are free on the guest side, and very effective on SCO Open Server.
What you need is a site-to-site VPN setup and then you can just telnet, or use your TinyTerm, or whatever you want. I don't think you need a remote control software for your problem, you just need a connectivity solution which will allow the traffic to flow.

Of course you could do it without VPN and just open port 21 through your router, which should allow any telnet traffic from anywhere to hit your SCO server. In that scenario you would want to NAT out the internal IP to a public IP like (or whatever block you have available through your ISP).

Good luck,
Thomas Dietrich
Network Administrator
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Perhaps port 23 would be a better one for telnet...
Yes port 23 would be better port 21 is FTP
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