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Radmin connection into remote Lan, Security issues with port opening on external router
I have used other remote administration tools such as VNC to get into a network and have port forwarding direct me to the target PC. I have seen where Radmin also recommends using the same setup. I, however, have concerns with opening so many ports on my router for remote administration purposes.
Is there a way that I can have the router listening on one port for Radmin connections, forwarding it to a machine that can then target the desired computer?
I have considered connecting to the LAN through VPN and then starting the Viewer. That would involve setting up a VPN Server which is too much more configuration and money for my customer's simple LAN.
I was hopingthat you guys had some sort of a Radmin Proxy that would sit behind the router and have Radmin traffic forwarded through the router to it. From there I would get to choose the target I wanted. Any Luck in that ? Thanx in advance.
RAdmin already does exactly what you're asking. It's called "connect through host". You would setup all your RAdmin connections to go through the one "host" that you have visible outside the firewall. For example:
You have RAdmin Server 1, 2, and 3.
RAdmin Server 1 uses port 8888 which has been opened on your firewall to allow traffic to Server 1.
In your RAdmin Viewer from the remote PC you setup a connection to Server 2 and check the box to "connect through host". You set the "host" as Server 1. Whenever you launch your connection to Server 2 it will first connect to Server 1 and ask for authentication. If authenticated then the traffic is passed to Server 2, where it will again ask for authentication.

Hope this helps!
Thomas Dietrich
Network Administrator
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