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Automated installation and local groups, Problems with automated installation using local groups for Security
I've been through all the documentation and all the posts that I can find, and haven't found a thing on this particular subject. We've been using Radmin 2.1 since 2001 and have a local group setup on each computer that contains the users allowed to connect using the Radmin server on the machine.
With Radmin 2.2, and now 3.0, the way that local groups are defined has been changed so that they actually place the SID for the group in the registry. This is fine for the local Administrators group since it's got the same SID on every machine, but for my local group of Radmin_Users, it's got a different SID on most every machine.
So, I can use a myriad of different methods to remotely install Radmin 2.2 or 3.0, but with both, they only method to make the server actually respond to connection requests for the people I want is to go in through the gui, one at a time, and add my Radmin_Users group in the Perminssions for Windows NT security. With about 2500 systems around the world to upgrade, this becomes a rather daunting task.

I really need a command line switch onto rserver3.exe to allow me to add a local group to the Windows NT security, or for Radmin 3 to switch back to the old Radmin 2.1 method where groups were in the registry by name. Finding a SID not in use on all systems and attempting to force Radmin_Users to use that SID on all machines would not appear to be a real solution to me.

If I use a differencing software to package the installation up, or use the documented method (create an .mst with a registry dump from a good system), after the install, I end up with the same results. I've added Administrators and Radmin_Users in Windows NT security. Administrators appears and works just fine. Radmin_Users appears as an unknown group, so I have to go in through the gui, remove that one and add the group.

Any suggestions or workarounds?
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