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Searching through the phonebook, Is there an easier way to search through large phonebooks
I use Radmin 3.0 and at my company we build rather large phonebooks organized into folders within our Radmin viewers. Does anyone know if there is an easier to search the phonebook for specific names. I am wishing there was a search function similar to <CTRL+F> in windows where I will no longer have to manually search through each folder in my Radmin phonebook looking for specific machine names.
As far as I can tell, there is no search function in the viewer.

That's a great idea, though! I'm going to bring this up in the expert community forum.

Thanks!, I hope someone adds this feature to the next version. Not being able to search for specific machine names within the folders of the address book is such a pain with larger address books. I end up having to create a new address only to find I already created it some time ago. Maybe even suggest a way to sort out duplicates.
Sage Diaz wrote:
Does anyone know if there has there been any progress regarding adding a SEARCH function to the address book for Radmin Viewer?
(It's been almost 3 years since my initial post).
The ability to search multiple address book folders for specific computer names or keywords is soreley needed.

Thank you
We aren't HUGE by any stretch but we have about 250 computers in the address book just in one folder. The others have another 40 or so. The way i do this is set the view to details and then you can order it by computer name or computer address. In the case when you know one or the other, order it by the type you know, then just start typing and it jumps to the computer you want, similar to when you do this in a folder in windows. This speeds up finding a computer, at least within one view. If you don't know what folder it's in to begin with this may pose a problem, especially if you have many folders, each containing up to several hundred or even thousand each.
I cannot promise anything, but we will try to implement this wish in our future releases.
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