Connecting to a RAdmin PC across the Internet, behind a router


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Connecting to a RAdmin PC across the Internet, behind a router, An easy solution.
Hello! Just wanted to suggest a free application called EchoVNC which can help establish RAdmin connections to PC's behind unconfigured firewalls and routers.

To use EchoVNC with RAdmin, please try the following:

1. Install EchoVNC on the same PC as the RAdmin service. The startup Wizard will offer to connect you to an echoServer; the login name you use here is important to make note of.

2. By default, the startup Wizard will try to connect you to the echoServer at "". If you are behind a very restrictive firewall, you may need to connect to "" instead.

3. Once EchoVNC is installed and running in the Service Tray, right-click on it, open Properties, and go to "Other Applications". Select the radio button next to RAdmin, and test it to be sure it's active. Click OK, and the server PC is all set.

4. Now, install EchoVNC again, this time on the PC you want to run the RAdmin Viewer on. Login to the same echoServer as you did in step #2.

5. Once it's installed, startup the EchoVNC Viewer, and
select "Show RAdmin partners". If that box is greyed out, it's because EchoVNC can't "find" the RAdmin Viewer. Simply click on Options -> Other Applications, and show EchoVNC where you installed it.

6. When it's all working, you'll simply see a list of "login names" (e.g., the one you provided it step #2) in the EchoVNC GUI. Simply double-click on one to start a connection to it.

EchoVNC works well with most firewalls, and even most web-proxies (SOCKS, HTTP and NTLM). And all content is end-to-end secured with 128-bit AES encryption. Any feedback or suggestions for improvement are welcome!

sbest at echogent dot com
Hi Scott,

I've tried using the trial version of RAdmin with EchoVNC but I can't seem to get it working fully.

Both echo client and server can connect to, and I can successfully use "full screen control".

However when I try to use "file transfer mode" in radmin, a window pops up saying "connecting to" and eventually times out. Can echovnc only ever connect in full screen control?

Many thanks.
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