Radmin - how to speed up remote viewing?


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Radmin - how to speed up remote viewing?, Internet viewing speed
Hi - Radmin 3 is the best of the bunch of remote viewers available.

However, is there any way of increasing the refresh rate of the remote viewing screen?

We monitor live camera scenes over the internet for CCTV purposes via broadband and would like see if it is possible to speed up the Radmin refresh rate of the remote pc monitor.

The default is 100 times a second but the remote viewing monitor still seems a little sluggish. We view at 16bits colour depth and would not like to go lower as that makes the camera scene unviewable.

We're probably limited by the speed of the broadband.

Please also note that a common question would be whether Radmin Server and Radmin viewer can run at the same time on the same machine, with a view to allowing both computers to control/ view each other in the same session.

I suppose they would have to run simultaneously if mutual access needs to be granted.
Hello, if you don't want to reduce color depth there is probably no way to increase your speed (unless you are able to increase your broadband speed).
About your secodn question - yes, that is possible and you will get some nice "mirror room" effects.
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