adding the license automatically to version 3.1


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adding the license automatically to version 3.1, include license in MSI

I've recently edited the remote admin server 3.1 msi with an MST file to install and completely configure all the settings for the server (ie permissions and such).

The only thing I have left to do it sort out the serial key automatically. Now I know you can use the server program to do this but I was wondering if it's possible (and allowed by the Fametech ppl) to edit the MSI so it installs and is registered already. This may be a silly question but just wondering if i need to bother with the server program.

I've found the registry key that is created when Radmin is licensed but it looks like each install is given a unique License ID so it would not be transferrable if I rolled it out to multiple PC's.

If anyone can let me know if this is possible that would be great, and if it's not allowed due to license issues then let me know and I'll just use the server.

Edited: James Ryder - 03.07.2008 10:27:12
Im not sure if youve had this answered yet as this post is kind of old. But in my experience, you need the server, that's what its for. I have a dedicated server that runs all the time on my network domain so whenever I add a machine I never have to worry about installing it, it automatically rolls out through group policy and hits the reg server and is installed and registered in seconds.

You are correct about the reg keys being unique, they are tied to the hardware profile in the computer, if you were to dup the key to another machine it would read "INVALID" on the "About" screen.

Use the server. Good luck.
You can modify .msi to initiate a registration process. But every computer should be registered individually at our web server. You cannot install "pre-activated" version because Radmin activation is hardware-based.
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