Radmin behind router.


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Radmin behind router., Radmin behind router.
Hey all,,
1)Have Edimax router.
2)Have 2 pcs.
3)Wireless Connection.
4)Windows XP at each pc.

even i portforward 4899 from router's properties,,
it does not connect.

Hi Muhamad

Have you configured your firewalls on each PC - to allow Radmin Server at one end and Radmin Viewer at the other end?
Hey paul..
first of all,,thank you for your reply.
second,, actually i sat both of them as off so it would be easier beside setting new ports.
Okay - if you're behind a firewall-router then turning off the software firewall makes it easier for now.

Can you ping the server from the client?

And do you see either of the message boxes below when you try and connect?



If you see (1) followed by (2) then it suggests to me that the problem is at the Server end. The Viewer can "see" the server and then tries to connect (1) but then it fails to connect (2). I think this is the most likely scenario.

If you only see (2) it suggests that the Viewer cannot access the internet - it doesn't even "see" the server.

If you don't see either it suggests that there's a problem with the Viewer installation. This is probably unlikely.
Hey Paul,,
Actually i succeed to see only picture 1
it says that's connecting,, and then the program (Radmin) get stuck.(not responding)

Is there anything in your Radmin Server log?
First,, Really I would like to thank you Paul.
you are very helpful guy and deserve a honor degree..
its hard nowadays to find people who r ready to help others.

second,, actually i was trying to control my friend's pc from pc.. from my house.. he does not understand those things,, so am going tomorrow to visit him and see things in real,, and will update you with everything,,

thanks again.
Thank you. I'm just a Radmin user like you; I learn a lot from trying to understand some of the Radmin problems that other people have, so it helps me too.

I've been trying to recreate your problem - where you only see message (1). I did manage to do it when I blocked Radmin Server at the firewall. So the router was forwarding okay but the firewall stopped communication.

So it might be worth double-checking that the firewall (Windows and any other firewall) is definitely either off or allowing Radmin Server.

Good luck ;)
Hey guys, I just saw your conversation and thought I'd throw my $0.02 worth in.

By the way, Paul, if no one has said it yet, welcome to the Expert Community! ;)

There are a few other factors that might cause this kind of behavior. The most common in my experience is a slow or unreliable internet connection. Particularly if you are getting a lot of packet loss, this can happen.

The easiest way to check for this is download PingPlotter (the free version will work fine, unless you want to try out a trial version of Standard or Pro) and install it on the Client side (your computer). Set up a trace to the Server side (your friend's computer) and watch the packet loss. If the packet loss stays below 1 - 2 % after 24 hrs or so, you should be in good shape. Otherwise, you'll need to narrow down which side the loss is on, and call the appropriate ISP.

There may also be something on the Server side that's slowing the connection process to a near-stop. The most common causes of this are a very high desktop resolution and/or a large (in file size) wallpaper photo.

This is even easier to check for: try connecting in other modes. If you can connect fine in File Transfer and Telnet modes, but not Full Control or View Only, then this is probably your issue. Ask your friend to turn off the wallpaper temporarily when you need to connect in order to fix this.

There is a slight chance that every mode will work fine except Full Control. This is more difficult to troubleshoot, but can usually be fixed by removing and reinstalling RAdmin Server.

Another thought has just occurred to me: I have seen this behavior caused by various anti-virus programs (Symantec in particular) interfering with RAdmin server. (This generally occurs with version 2.2 of the server, though I wouldn't be too surprised if some of the antivirus vendors started bonking v3.x too.)

You may want to look into putting the TeamViewer QuickSupport module on your friend's computer, at least temporarily, to give you an alternate connection method. It's a good bit slower than RAdmin, but is generally connectable under any circumstances with little setup, as long as you have internet connectivity.

Useful links:

Disable XP Firewall:
(Note: this last one wasn't mentioned above; it's a handy little program that doesn't need to be installed, and makes turning the Windows Firewall on and off so easy an end user can do t. ;) Especially handy for laptops.)

Hope this helps! :D
TekServer - thanks for the welcome, and for your two penn'th, as we say on t'other side of the pond :)

My background is very much in applications, so it's always good to get a bit more background on the black art of networking ;) Real Radmin experience is quite limited and a lot is gleaned from from my own experimentation and as mentioned above from having a look at the various issues that other people have.

Where people are setting up first-time I tend to focus on the obvious; firewall, router etc. and take it from there. But without detailed Radmin knowledge all I can do is make "sensible" suggestions based on my general IT and apps knowledge. So then as you say on top of that there may be the more esoteric problems.

Interesting comments on wallpaper / screen resolution and also on Symantec et al. It's these sorts of things that are learnt by experience. It would be nice if Famatech could develop a more extensive KB on this sort of stuff.

I'll have a play with pingplotter - sounds useful !

Muhamad - you've got plenty of advice here to keep you going for a while - hope you get things sorted 8)
Edited: Paul B - 01.03.2009 17:27:18
TekServer:) thanks for your.... lets say for your intervention and help:)

you were very helpful but strike in your words:)
its easy to say things but sometimes its hard to implement them.

by the way i liked you words that "you would throw
$0.02 worh in"
actually its not about money at all:)
its about knowledgment and staff..
the number 0.02 let me re memorize lot of things ,,
one of them about my first Class in the garden about how to convert numbers from decimal to binary numbers after division by 2 ...etc..

TekServer,, what i've got from your say above..
is a solution by 3 ways:
1-using PingPlotter program to see how packet goes from pc to another or from the isp to our pcs.
and am lost in this major because i have no idea about using this program.

2- changing the desktop resolution and here comes the question
you mean Screen Resolution from Display Properties?
or the DPI settings from advanced tab.

3-with regards to the anti-virus,, both pcs have Avira but lets say that's not the reason. because if am not wrong i disabled them before connecting with Radmin.

4-with regards to the windows-firewall,,
i assume that if you really "just saw your conversation "
you would see my answer in the third reply.
",, actually i sat both of them as off so it would be easier beside setting new ports. "

thanks again TekServer and PaulB.
i'll keep trying.

Maximum,PaulB if you would agree i'll let you connect to my pcs with Radmin or whatever ...and help me online so it would be cool, sure if u have enough time to do so.

thanks alot.
Edited: muhamad eawedat - 02.03.2009 08:19:48
"Two cents worth" is an American English idiom referring offering free advice. ("Two pence worth" in British English, as Paul mentioned.) But I think you got the gist of it ... ;)

1- To use Pingplotter, download it from the link I provided (the free version is at the very bottom of the page). Install and run it on your computer. In the Pingplotter window, put the IP address of your friend's computer where it says "Address to Trace". At the bottom, change "Samples to include" to "ALL". Then click the "Trace" button. This will give you a Trace Route type display, showing each hop along the route between you and your friend. The first column (after "Hop") should be labeled "PL%". This will show you the Packet Loss percentage for each hop. As mentioned previously, you want these numbers to be less than 2%.
If you're curious, you can right-click anywhere in the hop count window, and turn on some additional columns for more information (Lost Packet Count, Min time, Max time). These can sometimes be helpful to get a feel for what's going on.
As I mentioned before, you will want to leave this running for a day or so to get a large enough data set to be statistically significant.

2 - I was referring to the Screen Resolution in Display Properties. It probably wouldn't hurt to experiment a little with the RAdmin viewer display settings, though, if you haven't already tried that.

3 - I've never heard of Avira causing problems with RAdmin, and it sounds like you've got this covered anyway.

4 - I did indeed see that you had turned off the Firewall previously. I included the link to the Disable XP Firewall tool mainly for your convenience in future dealings with non-technically inclined friends/clients.
Besides, I've seen the Windows Firewall spontaneously turn itself back on, usually after a round of Microsoft Updates. ;)

TekServer thank you very much...
thanks again.
Hi Muhamad

How are you getting on? I think the point made by TekServer originally is that there are many different reasons why you might be seeing the errors that you do.

The thing is not to be overwhelmed by them, and just try to resolve and exclude things one at a time.

For example, we have both mentioned Windows firewall. Although you turned this off, it can get reactivated, so it's something that is worth checking again. If you are happy that it is definitely off then move on to the next thing on the list.

Eventually you may find that you can narrow down and then solve the cause of your problem. Keep us informed :)
Well put, Paul.

As with so many things in our industry, often the best way forward is one step at a time, trying one solution after another and eventually solving the problem by trial and error.

well done.. Paul
finally it has been done.
thank you very much.
actually for first time i used Hamachi,,
but then i portforward,, it worked.

its weird that did not work before.
i wanted to upload pictures to let users see how i've done but i have no hosting.

Edited: muhamad eawedat - 03.03.2009 15:22:17
Hey Muhamad - good news :)

Nice work, and thanks for letting us know how you got on 8)
Paul I do have two questions,,
am not sure about the right place to ask,,
my questions will sound like strange qs but i have to ask.

1-Is there a "way" to make server run in silent mode.
to make it clearly. to run the radmin server with double click and thats all,, to run it once and forever as any process in task manager with a username and password that i specify?

2-Is there a "way" to remote my friend's computer without his knowledge,, which means that he knows am inside his pc but he does not see what am doing in his pc.. when moving a mouse,, or typing in keyboard while am in his pc.

thanks .
Why would you want to do these things on a friend's computer?
1. Once installed as a service, RAdmin Server should continue to run automatically every time the computer starts (unless it is removed by an antivirus program, as often happened with v2.2 as I mentioned before).
If you're looking for a way to hide the tray icon, there is a special "no tray icon" version of the Server available to registered users (which you are, since you're here). You can fill out the form for the "no tray icon" version here: <url></url>;
(If that turns out not to be a clickable link, just copy/paste it into your address bar ... )

2. RAdmin is not really designed for this. It allows you to take over the active console session only. To have a virtual session, separate from the console session, you need something like Terminal Services or Citrix, both of which are designed for server operating systems only (afaik). (Not to mention there's a hefty pricetag on Citrix.)
Of course, some of the secondary connection methods (View Only, File Transfer, Command Prompt) can be used without interfering with the console.

I have deliberately NOT addressed the ethical implications (of connecting to your friend's computer without his knowledge) that Paul touched on. Whatever your particular situation and personal code of ethics may be, you must decide on such things yourself.

TekServer wrote:

Whatever your particular situation and personal code of ethics may be, you must decide on such things yourself.
Absolutely. Doesn't make me any less curious though ;)

Ultimately I'm not going to knowingly compromise my own ethics and neither am I going to do that unwittingly by turning a blind eye to the possibility of such a situation.

But there may be perfectly sensible reasons and motive behind such actions; hence my curiosity :). It may also be that there are more appropriate ways to achieve those ends, were they to be made clear.

But back to those original questions; I'm surprised there isn't a no-tray option by default anyway. Or at least the ability to set it in the msi configurator.
Edited: Paul B - 04.03.2009 17:11:56
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