Radmin set to use NT security when Domain is not available


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Radmin set to use NT security when Domain is not available
Hello, what happens with Radmin when it is set to use NT security and the domain is not available, ie a server is not joined to the domain correctly or is removed from the domain. I'm assuming we won't be able to connect?

Is there anyway round this, like a fall back to a manual login?

Terminology can be tricky, especially the word "server" in a question like this one where it can have multiple meanings.

I am assuming that the RAdmin Server software is installed on a Workstation that can no longer communicate with its Domain Controller. If this workstation still has cached credentials (i.e. you can log in at the console with domain user name and password), then you may still be able to use the same credentials to log in with RAdmin. If not, there's no real way around this that I know of; you will need physical access to the Workstation (the RAdmin Server) in order to change the security settings in RAdmin.

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