No longer able to log on to all users


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No longer able to log on to all users
For the last week we are able to log on to fewer and fewer user PCs. We purchansed 1000 licenses about 5 years ago and have only about 600 active computers so it shouldn't be a license issue but we're not sure. When we attempt to connect, instead of getting the normal window requesting our Viewer Password we get a "Windows security :" window requesting:

User name:
Host name:

The 4 on the Helpdesk group are running Radmin 3.4 Viewer. The Users are running different versions of 2.x and 3.x. There doesn't seem to be a pattern related to the version installed. Once we fail to get on to any PC we are not able to get on to it any more after that even though it has worked fine in the past.

I emailed the Famatech Tech Support last Friday (3 business days ago) and have yet to receive any reply.

Your input would be greatly appreciated, we're dieing here.

Your machines ARE on a domain? Or no? What OS? Do you usually use windows security? Or a radmin security account?
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It looks like your spam filter blocked our answer.

John questions are correct, please answer them. Does Radmin security allows you to control these PC? What if you enter your credentials to the request window - does Radmin connect?
Yes, all are on a domain.
NT Security
No credentials that we enter will work.

AS an added reminder, each day we are able to log on to fewer PCs. Some we logged on to last Friday or this Monday will no longer connect. I don't have hard numbers but it seems we can now only log on to 20% of the original PCs.

I have found, that, over time, due to updates, or other events that occur on a Domain joined PC, the security profiles can become corrupt. Try taking one of the troublesome machines off of the domain. Removing ALL users, both from Users in the control panel under users and groups, and any users specified in the Radmin security section as having access, as well as all users in the Local Admin group, then remove the computer account from your active directory. Then rejoin it to the domain. Once doing so, add any users needed back to both locations and then see if you are able to connect.

Sometimes, but not all the time, you can tell if the security profile is degraded or corrupt just by pulling up the Local Admins group under computer management, if you no longer see proper names, but instead a long hashed out number as any or all users, then the security profile is hosed and needs refreshed by pulling the computer off the domain, deleting the computer's account from AD, and rejoining the computer to the domain as if it was a new computer altogether.
Edited: John Rose - 16.06.2010 10:19:31
We have been able to determine that the problem has to do with the HelpDesk "Group" that is set up in Active Directory and then in the NT Securities Permission area of Radmin on the User PC. Users in this group can no longer sign on to the PCs. If we add an individual Helpdesk tech who is in AD to the User PC NT Security group of Radmin, they can log on fine.

We are still looking for a way to fix all of the PCs from a Server/Group Policy type area.
Ah yes, well, I had a feeling it had to do with some sort of AD related issue. My suggestion would be to first try deleting the whole group from all the PCs and re adding them. There's probably not anything wrong with the group itself since other PCs are able to be accessed. If that still doesn't get it, I'd recreate the whole group in AD from scratch. There is a small possability its just Radmin itself. Does removing the program and reinstalling it help?
Edited: John Rose - 17.06.2010 12:05:07
Hello Friends

i want to setup network in my office
i have 55 employee
how to setup network for these people. so they can login personaly and also work personally on the server

Have Nice Day
Edited: Eugene Idzikovsky - 11.08.2010 04:11:45

Here are the steps you must take in order to establish Radmin connection:

1. Download Radmin Server 3.x here and install it on the remote computer. A remote computer is a computer which you want to gain access to later via Radmin.

2. Download Radmin Viewer 3.x here and install it on the local computer. A local computer is a computer from which you connect to the remote computer.

3. On the remote computer right click on the blue Radmin icon in the system tray and click "Settings for Radmin server". Click "Permissions", make sure Radmin security is selected and then click the corresponding "Permissions" button. Click "Add user", choose username and password and click OK, OK. Then exit Radmin Server settings. You are done with the settings of Radmin Server.

4. The port you need to use is 4899. This is a default port, you can change it if you want, in Radmin Server Settings -> Options.

5. If the remote PC is located in a different LAN or is behind a router please, read what port forwarding is here:

After that, visit this page, find you router model and follow the onpage instructions:

6. Again on the remote computer make sure that Windows built-in firewall doesn't block Radmin connection. Open Start -> Control panel -> Windows firewall, go to Exceptions tab and add Radmin port 4899 as an exception. If you have a proprietary firewall (for example, ZoneAlarm or any other firewall software) refer to its documentation to find out how to create exception for a port.

7. On the local computer open Radmin Viewer, on the main menu click "Connection -> New connection". Enter the IP address of the remote computer into "IP address or DNS name" field. (You have to enter a Hamachi IP address in case if you are connecting over the Internet, please see step 5.) Enter a descriptive name of the connection and click OK.

8. Now in order to connect to the remote computer in Full Control mode, right click on the newly created connection, and click Full Control in the context menu.
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