Radmin being used for harassment !!!


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Radmin being used for harassment !!!
I have a friend who totally knows nothing about computers except chatting and use of email was tricked by one of her chatmates into uninstalling her antivirus software and then installing radmin into his computer without knowing what it does. Now that hacker is harassing my friend and her family to the point of blackmail. When she asked me to check her computer, I noticed radmin installed. So I removed radmin on the computer and then inslalled an antivirus software, I checked the installation directory and I found a log file. a portion of the entry is this...

<2172> RServer3 2010.09.04 13:17 Radmin Server 3 is started
<3556> RServer3 2010.09.04 13:18 Connection from (PILIPINAS): File connection
<3556> RServer3 2010.09.04 18:00 connection closed

Is the the IP address of the hacker? or it is just an id for specific Radmin user. We want to trace the user so that we can pursue legal matters against the attacker. Or does anyone have any idea on how to do so.

Thanks in advance.

That is a static IP of the remote PC. However, remote user could be in a LAN behind the router, in such case it is the IP of the router.
Probably your right, I searched that IP address and I just can't seem to get a fix on his IP location. There are no other sets of ip on the log except that one, and his username. Thanks..
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