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Remote Connection with DNS
I just purchased radmin 3.4 so that one of our external employees could remote into a few PCs here at work. We currently have an instagate 604 firewall/gateway in place so I setup port forwarding and he can connect fine using the IP addresses of the local PCs. However, he cannot connect using the DNS hostnames.

This is an issue because these PC are DHCP and when the lease is up, he wont connect.

My question is: Is there a way to have radmin 3.4 resolve DNS hostnames? I really dont want to setup more static IP Addresses.
RAdmin viewer works fine with host names instead of IP addresses. Use the host name instead of the IP address in the viewer's connection config. I have set this up for both 1) the first computer to connect to within a network (the computer that the router forwards port 4899 to) using a dynamic DNS name, and also 2) using host names within a network instead of IP addresses. As long as that first computer can resolve the DNS name to IP address, scenario 2 works fine. These two types of name lookups are independent of each other, so you can mix and match FQDNs on dynamic DNS host names, private network host names as defined in a hosts file or DHCP server DNS queries, with IP addresses.
I agree. Radmin works well on DNS instead of IP's. I don't quite understand, but it is how it is. It's connection is smooth like other services available online.
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