Radmin on linux?


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Radmin on linux?
We have radmin running on a Mac OS X server that we are replacing with a linux server. Can Radmin be used on linux and if so, what distro is best?

If it cant, can you run it using wine?
Radmin viewer works on Wine for Linux.
So I guess what Eugene is saying is that no, you can't CONTROL your server, ie, install Radmin Server on Linux. But that you can use a Linux machine to use Radmin Viewer, and control OTHER PCs running the server utilizing Wine.

Are there any plans for a Linux server release? I am a huge Linux user and would find it most helpful.
Considering that Trye replaces his Mac PC I made a conclusion that he uses Radmin viewer (because Radmin server doesn't work on Mac).

We plan to release Radmin for Linux, but not any soon.
Ah, okay, and based on past releases. Soon = 2 years, so not soon probably = 4 or 5 years away.

Cool, I won't get my hopes up then. :D
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