Feature reuqest: Radmin viewer remember window size


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Feature reuqest: Radmin viewer remember window size
Radmin viewer doesn't remember its window size when resized. This is really annoying if using long names because you need to resize it every time the viewer is opened.
I've added your wish to our wishlist.
Kenneth Aaron wrote:
really annoying if using long names because you need to resize it every time the viewer is opened.

It is a good idea
My Radmin Viewer remembers the size, its always the same way i had it previously when it opens. What kind of system are you on? I run Win 7 Ultimate.
Running Win7 Enterprise. Window size keeps returning to default every time I close the radmin viewer (the one with the list of computers to control)
See thats bizarre, mine doesnt do that, its always where i left it each time i open it anew. What VIEW are you using?
The two yellow folders icon pressed, everything else default.
Controlled machines are in a list.
I use Details... simply so i can order the machine by "computer" (the name of the user) or by the Address "the actual computer name on the domain", so if i know one or the other i can find it quicker. Try "details" as your view instead? Though switching mine TO details doesnt make it lose the size either so I'm really not sure.
I meant to say switching mine to "list" doesnt make it lose the size either.
I think I know the cause -
On my own screen when I resize and close the application, then reopen, it doesn't lose it's previous size.
Problem is that this is on a lenovo x201 1280x720 screen. When I go to work I plug into a 1920x1200 display, maybe the change in resolution is causing radviewer to default?
BTW, mine is 'list' too,
That could be, if the window is outside of the available space, for example the height is somewhere between 1280 and 1920, while you are on the larger display, then open it after youve moved to the smaller display, it might just default at that point since it literally cant display it at the previous res. What happens if you go the other way? Smaller res to larger?

The change in res may make it default period, regardless of window size too. Who knows.
The window size is something like 550 high by about 600 wide. Just enough to have a few machines (about 20) in a list.
Never bigger than half a screen wide or high. And that's on the small laptop display.
Well what happens then if you resize it and close and reopen it without the screen res or position changing?
It retains last size. Yesterday I was on a large screen and had resized radmin and it still retains window size now on my small laptpo screen, so the return to default size is not consistent failure
It is configurable option from windows.
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