Radmin logging me out


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Radmin logging me out
I want to find some way that my radmin won't log me out after a certain period of time. I was wondering if there is a possibility that one can leave the radmin open, and it will stay open without closing its self out of the server that I have open and running.

Radmin has a big timeout for connection, it is more likely that something else aborts TCP channel.
I actually have the same concern. I usually use different machines and would definitely be a great help if you can add an option to have Radmin open for few hours even if it is on idle..
Edited: Wally Lights - 08.12.2011 06:39:30
Eugene is correct, Radmin is most likely not either of your issues. Its another factor terminating the connection. I routinely will leave a connection in view mode to a user's computer here at the office open overnight and it is still connected in the morning. We are talking close to 15 hours idle, still connected. I don't think your issue is with Radmin.
Interesting; I didn't even know RAdmin had a timeout setting. I've accidentally left a connection open over the weekend and found it still connected come Monday.

As for Drew (and Wally), I'd suggest checking Power Management settings on the "server" side: if your target computer is going to sleep, or the NIC is being turned off to save power, that would terminate your RAdmin session.

Just a thought!
Edited: TekServer - 08.12.2011 08:56:40
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