Radmin only accesses user Administrator (XP SP3) with both security windows NT as Radmin Security


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Radmin only accesses user Administrator (XP SP3) with both security windows NT as Radmin Security
Hello Guys,

I'm using Radmin remote access, but it only accesses user Administrator (XP SP3) with both security windows NT as Radmin Security, have 5 users (all with permission of administrators) and enter the 5 while the 5 will enter the administrator.

Grateful for any help
RAdmin doesn't work like RDP (Terminal Services). Regardless of what security method you use, RAdmin will always connect you to the console of the machine to which you are connecting. If "administrator" is logged on at the console, then it doesn't matter how you establish the RAdmin connection; you will be connecting to administrator's console session.

TekServer Hello, Thank you for your attention,

So Radmin only works with a single user, it is not possible for two users to work simultaneously?
I have a network with two computers both installed Hamachi and Radmin Server LogMein internally can access them normally, but external can not access them. No need to open doors (4899) in IP Modem with each computer? or Hamachi is only for internal network?

Note: Any typo or interpretation excuse me because I'm using Google Translator.

Hello Sergio,

TekServer is correct, Radmin connects to the current session. However if you cannot connect from outside, you need to check your router settings/firewall ones. If you won't be able to solve the issue, please submit a tech support ticket on our website.
What is the purpose of creating multiple users in Radmin Server if you can only connect to a single Windows user?

Different users may have different rights. Also Radmin logs activity, so you could distinguish different people accessing server.
Is it true that multiple users need to have multiple registered licenses?
How do you open multiple Radmin users of Windows XP at the same time?

Example: On the computer to be remotely accessed the user have 1, 2 and 3 (Windows XP) and I Sever Radmin users 1, 2 and 3, the user must first go Radmin user 1 windows, and if the user Radmin 2 log at a time when the user is logged the first Radmin Radmin user 2 is directed to the windows user 2 and user 3 Radmin also log the user is directed to three windows.

I've heard you have to make changes in the Windows registry, but what are these changes?


1) You need 1 license per Radmin server.
2) All users will see the same desktop, Radmin doesn't support terminal sessions.
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