I can't login with LAN connection


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I can't login with LAN connection
So, I already installed Radmin on my two PC: the first PC is Guest, and the second PC is SERVER. I already configured all steps, from this guide

I chose from PERMISSION option Windows NT security, because I want to connect with a PC in my home LAN. The problem is that, when I try to connect with the Server, PC-Guest find him and see him, ask me for user-name, password and domain. So, I writing the user-name and password, and for domain I writing the name of Server. Every time give me message for incorrect user-name, password and domain.
The only way to connect to server, is that when I change the PERMISSION to Radmin security. Then I'm connected and I can to rule and command the Server, only then I have full control. But i'm afraid that, it's possible traffic to get out from my LAN-network, in internet! I will waiting your help. Thanks!
I understand what is the resoan, and I will explain it: So, the necessary steps, that to be made on the computer, that will be SERVER, I had to do that - click on the icon of My Computer with right button, Manage -> Computer Management -> Local Users and Groups -> Users -> Guest ( click with right button Guest ) -> Set Password. I changed the name Guest to Kris. Then I restart the PC. After the PC which will be Server loaded OS, I go to the PC which will be Radmin Viewer! I start the Radmin Viewer and click with right button on the icon Johnson ( this is the name in the network of that PC wich will be SERVER ), choose Full Control, and in the field USER NAME I write Kris, I typed the password, in the field for DOMAIN I don't wrote anything. So, I connected to PC SERVER, and I have full control and commands to start programs, and file transfer. But the next time, when I connected to the PC SERVER, in the filed DOMAIN I wrote Johnson, because the name of that PC in my home network is Johnson. Of course, again I connected without problems, and I have full control. That's it.

Don't forget something important about the WINDOWS FIREWALL: in the firewall, EXCEPTIONS where is Radmin Server, there always should be allowed. For maximum security, I marked Radmin Server and go to EDIT -> Change Scope there I choose the option My Network ( subnet ) only! Thus, the traffic will not go beyond my home LAN network!

I hope that, my post to be useful to other people, to set correctly the program for LAN.
Radmin Viewer compared with other programs for Remote Control, works very quickly, fast, don't burden the CPU, launch all programs on the remote computer in real time, and not filling RAM-memory, used only 3 MB more!
Radmin Server used only 5 MB more.
I missed to say that, my OS is WINDOWS-XP SP2
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