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help using NT Security
I've used RAdmin in the past with just 'Single password security'. But I'm curious now as how I would make a "look-only" account so I can have other people only look at the remote computer, but NOT be able to mess with it or change things, like shutting it down.

I have a computer running Windows 2000 and it's logged in already as administrator and other programs are running and r_server. I'd like some way to setup a "look-only" account without modifying the system user accounts too much, and still have the system logged in as administrator while the programs are running.

Is there anyway to setup RA server on a different port so it's "look-only"?

If I would have to modify the system's user names/levels for 'NT security', how would that work if I added a permission of 'Administrators' and gave them "All access (RTVFC)"? If someone on the internet was logged into their computer as 'administrator' and connected to the this remote machine, would they have "All access (RTVFC)"? Or would they need to know the administrator user password set in the remote 2K machine?
RAdmin Viewer has special "View Only" mode. You should use this mode in the described case.

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Ilia Demenkov, Famatech Support Team (
Well, I know about the "View Only" mode. But I was looking for something where nobody could change a setting and gain full access. We wanted to tell people a login/pass so they could only view what's going on. And also have a different full control login/pass for us.

But we've scrapped that idea anyway. Figured it'd be too much bandwidth usuage for non-personnel. And attract unwanted attention to the IP.
yes it can be done
i have done it on my server you need to setup nt permission on radmin all this does is take the user names and pass from windows and allowssomeone that has that account to have certain access to radmin such as view only or file transfer only. i like it so i can have my friend check on my server and make sure its running and not beable to mees with things. :D
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