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well i have a small network and i moniter ti useing radmin. recently i installed norton antivirus 2004 and the first time i scaned my computer and tried to delete radmin. and it did this on all of my computers on my network, even my server that has no moniter. so i had to go around to each machine and set the exemps for radmin. then i noticed something. for some reason norton antivirus kind of forgot to try to delete pcanywhere which is made by the same company as norton antivirus. pc anywhere is the same kind of software as radmin. now that to me sounds like anticompetitive behavior :|
I think you could be onto something their mate; it’s most definitely a conspiracy. ***Rolls Eyes***

(For those of you that are American; that was Sarcasm)
Norton Antivirus and McAfee are only programs with such behaviour. We are constantly sending them e-mail requests, but the only thing they done is to change Radmin description in thier on-line virus encyclopedia.

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech support team (
I can understand, with the advent of these sort of programs (radmin, vnc etc..) being used as trojan remote control. One would want to know this is installed and enabled and have to manually exclude it from the virus checker.

However.. WHY THE FLIPPING NORA do the NOT detect VNC, pcAnywhere and windows remote admin!!!

I think Famatech could have a legal justification against symantec for blatant abuse of another product to help their own product, and against nai for slander (bassed on the fact that VNC and pcAnywhere are not detected)..

any thoughts anyone?
Uh, yes, Americans get sarcasm just fine, thank you. Americans are very often sarcastic, which is something non-Americans seem to miss about 99.99% of the time.

As for why Norton doesn't detect RAdmin, I'd say it's more a matter of laziness on their part. Windows remote admin, VNC and pcanywhere are extremely well-known software packages. Symantec is probably not interested in trying to find every legitimate remote control package and excluding it, or in excluding software that provides remote control if someone is assuming their antivirus is going to find it.
It's also probably that RAdmin is much smaller than pCanywhere's 12.4MB footprint. And it's also faster in performance. Has anyone tried both products on the same machines? I have. And even through a DSL connection, RA beats PA. I'd hate to see what a PA dial-up connection looks like, ack! :o

So how many years has Norton been working on PA? Many many many years. What are they at now, version 11? Any they still haven't made any huge performance increases. But I guess they figured removing RA will increase their performance, and sales. :/
Ilia Demenkov!
Actually, Pest Patrol also reports several instances of Ghost Radmin 2.1 on my computer. Unfortunately, I've fallen into the trap of deleting them and then having to re-install Radmin to get back functionality. If I hadn't paid for Pest Patrol, I would switch to Adaware, which does not seem to confuse the recognition. I'm trusting you, however, that this IS just mis-identification and hope that this trust is not misplaced.

Re: Your post:
Norton Antivirus and McAfee are only programs with such behaviour. We are constantly sending them e-mail requests, but the only thing they done is to change Radmin description in thier on-line virus encyclopedia.

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech support team (
It's also probably that RAdmin is much smaller than pcAnywhere's 12.4MB footprint

Er 12MB on a modern DSL connection is no problem for a hacker to upload. Especially seeing as some hackers seem to use your system to store their illegal videos etc...

On the PA via serial.. I used to use PA via 28.8 modem on WfWG and it was fairly respectable. What the current hash is like though, I wouldn't like to say. But I agree with you; Radmin leaves the others standing. The only thing I bemoan is that the mouse (cursor) changes are not seen and this makes re-sizing windows very hit and miss.

Windows remote control is slightly more responsive at screen control, but is useless as it lacks file transfer ability when the remote system is locked down with file & printer sharing disabled.

On an interesting side.. Those of us that install Radmin on WinXP & 2003 are breaching the windows licence, which prohibits installation and use of remote screen/control software save for that provided with windows [MS's terminal services].
I have heard rumours from some colleagues working at large sites that have MS premier support, that MS have cautioned them to remove/discontinue use of Radmin or they will put their support and enterprise licensing in jeopardy.
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listen up y'all ...I am a student of one of the school in the Sourthern Philippines and our school admin always monitor the network connection in order to avoid virus trouble and he always control all the pc in our school that's why I make a program in order not to control from my admin pc. and it works...and now instead he control the pc..but i can do anything I want to all netwoks in our school....
FYI ewido also flags RAdmin 2.x as Ghostra.B trojan...
I bought and using Radmin for different companys pc's ~2 years allready and I have written to the Symantec support team about ~10 times in names of ~10 companys representative and seems that they DOESN'T CARE AT ALL. Exclusions list is the only way to avoid NAV killing Radmin, and has to be done as I install NAV. This is so annoying allready but what can I do :(
Products that can kill Radmin are NAV 2004 Pro, NAV 2005, NAV CE starting ver 8.6 as I remember :(
The Free anti-virus software AntiVir ( )also has this problem of detecting r_server.exe as a virus, NS.LOOKUP to be exact. I love my virus software it is priced beautifully and works very well. Although I can't seam to learn German fast enough though to make any use of the support options they have. This program really has no safe list that I can find.
Let's add F-Secure to Radmin killer list :(
I actually called Symantec and it seems that it detects the program not as a virus but as spyware. The tech I talked to cannot do anything. They want Radmin to contact them at their headquaters. You can call 541-335-5000. If you call that number and tell them what is going on they will push this issue to higher position in the queue. The guy I talked to said that they will do their best as they "don't want to cause a fight with anyone"

I wish I had recorded that conversation. The av software actually deleted Radmin from over half the machines on my network....any chance that 3.0 will have remote client instalation funtionality? I will now have to spend 2 hours going from machine to machine to reinstall the server...
Just got this via e-mail from Symantec:
After a quick discussion with our security team, I have found a possible solution for your problem.

On the machine where you are initiating the scan, do the following:

- When selecting a drive to scan, click Options
- Click on Expanded Threats to select it, then click Exclusions
- Under Category Name, deselect the Remote Access box

Again, I suggest you try this on one machine at first, and wait for results. If positive, then apply to your network.

I hope this solution proves helpful


Alain Despatie

Trying it out now to see if works.
any chance that 3.0 will have remote client instalation funtionality?

It will.
Americans do get sarcasm!? :D

According to the [URL=]pcAnywhere Install Guide[/URL] pcAnywhere is 12mb, no problem to act as a trojn over DSL.
I think the problem here is that people are using RAdmin for malicious deeds.

NAV 2k5 not only detects RAdmin, but when I tried to remote access the machine, a pop-up showed up on the remote side asking whether to give permission to RAdmin's incoming connection. Thankfully, I picked up the phone and was able to call someone and have them permit the incoming connection to go through. Talk about a remote access nightmare.

You guys are right though -- NAV is unfairly targeting RAdmin. RAdmin is such a great software though -- guess you can't blame them for trying "dirty tricks" because they'll never get their 20MB PcAnywhere down to Radmin's size and speed.
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