Norton's anticompetitive acts


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Why are you still using Nav?
We did away with it years ago.
Have been using TrendMicro without issues. We just did first install of RA, and haven't seen any problems yet. Startup is automatic, MS SBS server, W2K clients, XP clients (though I hate XP and will be moving those workstations back to W2K.
Anyone else have any experience with TrendMicro???
Well, I have tried excluding Radmin, added the registry hack from Symantec, excluded it from all scans but still it gets quaranteened by NAVC.

Ilia this issue will not go away as more & more corporates will be upgrading to NAVC v10 and this kills your product.

Please keep us up to date on what actions you are taking.
I've personally only really found one way to make sure that radmin dosn't get deleted by SAV 10. I am still workign with this and it only works about 90 - 95% of the time for deployment. if Radmin survise a reboot it dose not seem to get removed.
...I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Gia...
This may have already been posted, but Symantec has provided some relief from this issue. The URL for the help at their site is­f007c867c?OpenDocument&src=bar_sch_nam. I have followed this advice from their website and put in an exception at every level for the Radmin files and have finally found relief. It sure would be nice if Symantec would realize that Radmin is a widely used administrative tool and treat it as such instead of treating like a virus!
I have tried everything suggested and NAVC 10 still "sometimes" deletes radmin!!!

I did everything at:­f007c867c?OpenDocument&src=bar_sch_nam

I also ran the registry hack from their site

Since I cannot change the antivirus software (corporate version) I am about ready to change remote control programs. I need to know how to stop this from happening.

BTW, will 3.0 ever be released?
Guys... It's a GREAT THING that anti-virus programs pick up this program. RADMIN and it's variations can be trojan'd into your system VERY quickly.
Don't be lazy, set up all the radmin files (7 that are identified by AV Progs) to be exceptions.
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