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[ Closed ] "General discussion" forum, What this forum is about
Greetings to all site visitors.

As we see our users desiring it, we decided to add a new forum in addition to current ones. The name of the forum is "Network management general discussion".

New forum is dedicated to discussion of network and system administerring (remote particularly). The topics mustn't be connected with using our Remote Administrator product however.

You can discuss here any software used by administrators in their work, methods, difficulties and successes you and your colleagues face, sysadmins' stories, hardware (routers, hubs etc.). Experience and opinions exchange are welcome, as well as hard'n'soft comparisons.

The policy of "Network management general discussion" is the same as the rules for other forums: We ain't to delete topics like "current music" immediately, but it's not a "wild hust" forum either.

Since a new forum is not connected with our software directly, we don't promise to answer all the questions posted to "general discussion" board, still we'll be practicing in "general discussion".

Note, that all questions about RAdmin or direct requests to Famatech support should be posted to another boards (they are just few clicks away from here)!

All site visitors are welcome!

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech support team (
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