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prototype build
My computer was harmed in some way. I noticed that Zone Alarm had several thousand attempts by my computer to access the internet. I did not initiate this attempt. The firwall prevented my computer from accessing the net. The program was identified as "prototype ... build" something or other. My computer then lost the ability to use the "srart" function in that one could not get some programs to work. Then a few seconds later my isp went down and emails started flying everywhere. The isp went down for quite a while yesteday. I later got emails from people I never heard of with "binary" zip attachments.

In short, I used Go Back to restore my computer. Thank go. However, what started all this is still in my computer. I would like to report this to US law enforcement since I suspect that everything is still in my computer and this might allow the government to trace and catch the jerk who did this so I can give him more trouble than the law ever would give him.

Is this worth the effor on my part - to call the government and if so, whom do I contact.


Posting moved to "Network management general discussion" since it has nothing to do with Radmin.

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech support team (
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