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Users Changing RA Settings, Controlling changes made by users on the LAN
We use R/A as a "help desk" software and also use it to do nightly updates to pcs on our LAN. Some clients think we are spying on them so they change the access password on thier pc to keep tech support from accessing their computers.

We have to manually change it back and ask the users not to mess with the settings. This is getting annoying!

What should we do?

We can remove the link to the "server settings" in the "Sunbelt Remote Adminsitrator" program group on the user's pc. At that point the user would have to run the command line option "/s" to enter the setup. This should frustrate most of our paranoid users.

Is there a better way to set up the server on a client's pc so it can't be easily monkeyed with?
Search the Help file for DisallowChanges. This is the setting you want. You can write a script to set this for all of your machines. You need to set it to REG_BINARY 01 00 00 00. Just be aware this is a machine setting. It will lock out administrators, too. If you would need to change a setting, you have to reset the registry value first. It works! I have used and written scripts to configure the setting. You just want to make sure that you have RAdmin configured before setting this value.
:) Thanks! That is exactly what I was looking for. I was anticipating a look at registry values, but thought I would ask first. I am pleased the developers allowed for a control to be put in place.

I can see our client's heads exploding! :evil:

I will bet the "add-remove programs" in Windows will be the users next method of foiling our limited attempt at tech support.

Thanks again! :D
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