Windows SBS 2003


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Windows SBS 2003
We have a server running SBS2003, all clients are W2Kpro. We want to be able to control one of the clients on the "other" side of the server. Will RAdmin do this?
It is not clear what you mean by "other side of the server"?

Anyway, you can download a copy of Remote Administrator 2.1 from and test it yourself.

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Is your server the gateway/firewall to the internet? If so,
1. get a router with a firewall.
2. forward the Radmin port on the router to whatever pC you want to control.
If you mean external connection when you say "other side" yes you can do that.
I am doing that here at my office.
I have radmin loaded on one of my servers. and on the workstaitons. If I want to connect to one of my internal boxes from the outside, i set up 2 connections on my external machine. One for the server (using public ip) then one for the internal box with the netbios name and then on that connecting I select connect thru and select the public server.
Works great.
I would strongly recommend that if you do this that you use a vpn connection if at all possible so you dont have to open port 4899 to the world.
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