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Connect via separate icon?, Any way to connect via separate icon?
To connect to another computer, one must run Remote Administrator, then select a connection, the type of connection, and click on that. Is there any way to make a shortcut to Remote Administrator that will say "connect to this computer this way" all in one (via command line options)?
Oops. To clarify: I know how to do this for an actual address. What I'd like to go is connect through a Web address. That is, instead of, "". This is to my parents' computer, and the actual address changes every boot -- hence the "no-ip" address.
>and the actual address changes every boot
>-- hence the "no-ip" address.

Just enter hostname instead of IP address. Like this:

radmin.exe / /through:gate:4899 /fullscreen

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech support team (
That's what the instructions say. When I try doing it, though, I get a "Bad Address" message. The same hostname address works fine when connected to normally.
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