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AV software blocking Radmin, Famatech - please sue Symantec!
Recently some AV products [and others] are detecting Radmin as a ‘possible trojan’.

Personally.. this is EXACTLY the behaviour I want my AV software to do.. I exclude my own copy of radmin and lock the exe & dll security perms and enable full auditing.. any hacker using a new backdoor in ms security fishnet to upload radmin, the AV blocks the file!!

I can understand, with the advent of these sort of programs (radmin, vnc etc..) being used as trojan remote control. One would want to know this is installed and enabled and have to manually exclude it from the virus checker.

However.. WHY THE FLIPPING NORA do they NOT detect VNC, pcAnywhere and windows remote admin!!!

I think Famatech could have a legal justification against Symantec for blatant abuse of another product to help their own product, and against nai and kaspersky for slander (based on the fact that VNC and pcAnywhere are not detected).. Surely Symantec’s action is wholly ‘anti-competitive’ in nature and possibly malicious in intent.
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