Radmin's competition???


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Radmin's competition???
What other remote computing programs do people think are good? I am looking for the speed that Radmin has plus dual monitor support. I tried Real VNC and thought it worked well. Has anybody else had experience with Real VNC and can compare it to Radmin? What else is out there that is better??? :?:
I used to think PC Anywhere was great.....until I found RADMIN.
There are more RAS programs out there than you can shake a stick at. Just find one you like and stick with it.
Frankly, I am not as impressed with Radmin as I hoped I might be.

Up till now I have been using either VNC or Remote Desktop (the remote machine is XP Professional). I decided to trial Radmin for 30 days...

I am impressed with the speed of Radmin, but honestly, I find Remote Desktop even faster (over the internet with broadband connections at each end) Does the video hooks driver only apply to NT4 installations or should it be running in XP/2000 machines as well?

Now comes the crunch: Remote Desktop allows me to use the wheel of my mouse to scroll up and down. Radmin doesn't. Or at least if it does, how do I make mine work? Its a standard wheel mouse, no fancy drivers or anything.

The second crunch comes with audio. Where do I get Radmin to deliver the remote audio to my local desktop? Remote Desktop does this. VNC does not, I must admit, but since your competition is with Remote Desktop on all users with XP, I have to say that Radmin doesn't offer what the competition does.

Thats three points that Radmin fails to match Remote Desktop in, and the audio and whell scroll ones for me are showstoppers. I have to be able to edit audio files remotely and to do this I make copious use of the wheel to scroll through the file.

Please tell me these features are coming in version 3, and I might be persuaded to pay up. The only point that attracted me to Radmin was the fact that it uses encryption between the two ends. I don't know whether RD does or not so I was looking to be "better safe than sorry" so to speak.

Anyone know?
Wheel mouse would be nice!
I found remote desktop to be fast on intranet but slower in on internet. VNC I found to be slower but nice if you got mix of OS, *nix. I don't trust MS to protect the remote desktop. Symantec PC Anywhere was slow also.
RAdmin I like for telnet, cmd line. User can't disable, lock them out and change of port listens. Would like to see that wheel moust in there though.
pcAnywhere11 and Radmin

I just installed pcanywhere11 on a client and host. With the price tag of 200 dollars, you expect alot, and do get alot of nice feautres, but overall, Radmin still seems faster, and the telnet session still blows everyone elses' away.

The command prompt feature is my most used function (Even in a windows environment). pcAnywhere has some slick tools built in, but their command prompt is not nearly as fast. For the price, no one compares. VNC is cute, especially since where I work is half linux shop and half windows. Because of the price tag, pcanywhere doesn't have a chance against the speed and cost of Radmin.

-Now, I am not going to get started in the three year wait for version 3. We all know that story. But v2.1 still beats the bad boy on the block -pcAnywhere.
There just is NOTHING faster then Radmin. VNC, Remote Admin, PCAnywhere are all at least 2x as slow, Remote Admin closer to 5-10x slower it really is ***** .

To the person that thinks Remote Admin is faster .. you need to see what your refresh is set to, Radmin for some absolutely insane reason defaults to 100fps which will kill most desktop processors, change the update rate to 10fps and the performance is uncompareable to anything on the market.
Does anyone out there use Dameware?????????????? :?:
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I would agree PCAnywhere really is ***** . Way too expensive ***** at that. I've run tests myself with Ultra VNC and RAdmin, and I'd say they're both about equal in screen update speeds. Only compared them on my network using 2 WinXP systems though.

UltraVNC and RAdmin update the screen differently. One of them, forget which, seems to "tear" the screen updates a bit. One test I did was to run DXDIAG on the remote computer, and chose the Direct3D tests. With that test you can get a feel for the rotation of the directx cube and compare it to how you know it's supposed to spin.

In my real-world experiences with RAdmin, about 3K miles away from a remote computer, it was pretty close to being virtually realtime. Updates were set at 25, but I'm not sure of the actual FPS. Sure there was a slight lag, but I would say PCAnywhere wouldn't have come close to that speed.
get this software
Remote Desktop does not encrypt the entire connection at 128+ bit encryption. If you are passing sensitive data, RADMIN. If you want sheer speed, RADMIN. If you want to use multiple protocols, RADMIN.

If you want it to look pretty and get sounds, Remote Desktop....
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