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RAdmin log, Tracking a hacker
Is anybody aware of a log on a system that is running RAdmin? I caught a hacker on a system and immediately shut him down, but I now wish I had grabbed his IP in hopes to track him down.
Default path to Radmin log is c:\log.txt.

You must turn on "Use log file" file in Radmin Server settings to start logging.

Run "Settings for Remote Administrator server" from start menu group (Start->Programs->Remote Administrator v2.1->Settings for Remote Administrator server). Click "Options" button. Check "Use logfile" checkbox and apply changes by clicking "OK" button.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Famatech Technical Support
I would really like a log at the viewer side. I tried to connect through my own machine to my target, but the log does not show the IP of the target. Also, I am wondering about the new features of ver 2.2 - I am guessing that they are the video hook update and anti-modification for the executable. Or maybe it's just enough to prevent detection by AV software?
If there are actual security enhancements, I am assuming I should roll this out. Unless 3.0 is really coming (hint).
Because it would be kind of sneaky to release 2.2, make us all update our machines, and then release 3.0, so we could update them all again.
You guys wouldn't do that, would you?
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