Dial up conne by using RADMIN


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Dial up conne by using RADMIN
hi, i'm interested to use RADMIN instead of PCAnywhere in order to connect to a remote computer by using dial up connection. I wanted some info about the procedure of this connection.
You'll need to install both Radmin Server\Client (on the machine that you want to connect to) and configure the port on which you want to connect, password, or NT Security. Then you need to install Radmin on the machine that you will connect from. You will need to configure the connection with the same parameters that you put on the server side, plus the IP address. If the computer you want to control is behind a firewall (and I seriously hope it is) you must configure your firewall to allow this connection on the port you designate, or by default it is 4899 on version 2.1 If your dial-up computer is the one to control, you must set up dynamic IP addressing, I have used to point a name to the current IP address if it is an everchanging IP. Example: you can have a name like "" point to your current IP address, all you need installed on the dial-up computer is an IP client that updates every X hours(I use DeeNeEs-free lightweight-set it and forget it operation), found at also. These services can be found for free but have limited functionality. I hope this helps get you started.[QUOTE]
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