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RAdmin being used as spyware...?, Uninstalled RAdmin found on my computer, unable to uninstall.
The other day I noticed a small icon in my toolbar, indicating a Remote Administrator Server active on my computer. I've never installed RAdmin nor do I really want it on my computer. I'm running Windows XP. I went to the Add/Remove Programs window and it's not listed in there. In addition, my AdAware is picking up spyware and unwanted files daily, even if I don't get on the internet. How do I get rid of it?
I have the same exact problem. I noticed today that I now have a new "remote admin" icon in my toolbar. When I looked under "about" I was directed here.

I too can't remove it via "add/remove" because it isn't listed. I don't know what this is. I don't want it on my computer. I WANT THIS OFF OF MY MACHINE!!!

Is this is the way you people do buisness? Do you sneak onto unsuspecting PC's like some stowaway, only to refuse to leave when found out? I really hope not. I am very ***** as it is and I would appreciate a quick and detailed response regarding how to get this unwanted software off of my system ASAP!!!
If there's no "Remote Administrator" entry in software list, it means that RAdmin was installed manually.

First of all, you must locate "r_server.exe" file on your computer.

Usually it's located in C:\Program Files\Radmin. If not, go into Start->Search->"For Files of Folders...", type "r_server.exe", ensure that "Look in" setting is set to "Local harddrives" and press Enter.

Run r_server.exe with "/stop" command-line switch. Then you must run it with "/uninstall" command-line switch to prevent it from starting automatically. After that you can delete this file.

To run a program with command-line switch, you must select "Run" command from Start menu, then type r_server.exe with full path encapsulated in quotas, than space and then required command-line key (for example, "C:\Program Files\Radmin\r_server.exe" /uninstall).

Next go into Start->Search->"For Files of Folders..." again, type "admdll.dll", ensure that "Look in" setting is set to "Local harddrives" and press Enter. Delete found admdll.dll files.

Now Radmin Server should be uninstalled from your computer.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Famatech Technical Support
If anyone here uses RAdmin and are also using Spybot - Search & Destroy, you'll have to check the box labeled Haxdoor-H under the Ignore Products section.

With one of the first updates to Spybot to remove "Haxdoor-H", all it did was remove a registry entry, one of which contains the hide icon value. So you've probably had radmin installed for quite some time but it was hidden.
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