radmin through a cable router


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radmin through a cable router
I am trying to connect to a pc running radmin server on a pc connected to the internet via a router to a cable network. However when I try and get the ip address I can only see an internal ip address not the one for the internet even though I am connected. Can radmin work in this configuration?
Yes you can...What you need to know is the public IP address. To get this info, login to your cable router, usually 192.168.x.1 where x is 0 or 1.

After logging in, there should be a status page. This page will show you the public IP address.

Hope this helps. If you would always want to find the address without going thru this, check out They offer dynamic DNS routing.

Barry Kucher :)
You can find your public IP at [URL=][/URL]

Of course, I am partial to that site since I own it :)

Logging into the router to check your public IP is a hassle.

To answer your question, yes, RAdmin can work through a router. Simply setup RAdmin, pick a port, and forward that port to that particlar private IP via your router's config.
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