Using RAdmin through the Internet


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Using RAdmin through the Internet

I have been looking around for some software to help me dial into a computer through the Internet. Basically I will have a computer that will be using DSL with a changing IP Address. Also the computer that I will be dialing into will be on a standard 56k Modem. (I rather not go modem to modem due to long distance calls)

If I purchased this software, how would I go about making this happen? Can this work this way?
You can simply get yourself a static IP monitoring tool...

Such as NO-IP or DYNS.

These are free. Install it on your pc with the modem.

When connecting to that remote pc via the internet...

For the address enter the registered NO-IP address.

Big fan of used to be great, too...and they still are, but they now charge for the service. :)

The nice part about all of this is that you get to choose the name of the host. has lots of pre-done domains available. is the most popular, so you could make a host be, then just connect to that address - configure it as in the radmin viewer. Works great! :)
Do I have to connect to when I installed the IP monitoring software?

can I install this software outside of my modems network?

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