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Large numbers of Users, How do helpdesks deal with lots of workstations

We purchased Radmin to control our servers and it works great. So great in fact that the workstation people are saying "Hey our tool is slow and ugly...we need what they've got". For my team adding 120 server's connection info is not a big deal.

But HD is looking at thousands of workstations. How do people manage that many connections? It would slow the HD down if they had to add a new user every time they got a call. Are there ways to consolidate and copy the client station lists?

Are there ways to consolidate and copy the client station lists?

1. Download a public beta of Radmin Viewer 3.0 here:

2. Install Radmin Viewer 3.0b

3. Read "Phonebook management" section in Radmin Viewer 3.0b HELP. It will tell you how to setup two different Radmin's to use single phonebook file.

4. If there's no way both PC's can access the same drive, the solution is to copy radmin.rpb file from one onto another when it changes.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Either the option to import a textfile into the phonebook or tool that converts a text file into a phonebook file would be great.
In that case Sysadmins can run a the command "net view" and redirect the output into a file and convert or import it.
This is a GREAT step forward. It allows a "work group" sharing approach to using Radmin. However, IT staff may have most phonebook folder entry content in common, but some user specific folders as well. Question #1: Can SELECT folders be shared within a phonebook, or is this sharing an "all or nothing" approach to the entire phonebook? Question #2: If this is an "all or nothing" approach, do you have any advice on sharing specific folders within the phonebook?
There is no way to share selected folders. The only way is to use several different RPB files.

Best regards,
Svetlana Yastrebova,
Technical Support.
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