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Web interface for Radmin
I was wondering if a web interface is in the works for radmin. I'd like to be able to have radmin running on a webserver and be able to use radmin from within a webpage...basically so that I do not need the client in order to use radmin. It would make things a lot easier when on the go and moving from PC to PC all the time. Any thoughts? Possible? Possible already? Thanks.
I was wondering if a web interface is in the works for radmin

No. There's no web interface for Radmin, since it would be great security hole. Releasing web-based user interface would force endless attacks to your Radmin Server from the Web and, most importantly, web traffic encryption is much poorer than internal Radmin encryption, so passwords can be stolen.

That's why you must download Radmin from our site and install it on your computers in order to use Remote Administrator. Anyway, we are constantly thinking about solution, so it may be developed later.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
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