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[ Closed ] Batch File, Silemnt Radmin Install
I was wondering if can install Radmin Silently on a computer with out using the actual installation. I wonder if its possible to use batch file to install it.
Remote installation is definitely possible. Radmin.exe (Radmin Viewer) and r_server.exe (Radmin Server) have useful switches, so you can create installation batch files.

Radmin Viewer doesn't need installation. Just copy the radmin.exe and help.hlp file to a folder on the local computer.

Radmin Server does need to be installed. Here is a sample script for Windows, which installs Radmin Server as a system service on the computer. Change the file paths to your values. To execute the script on network computers, use logon scripts in Windows NT networks.

net use z: \\server\d
copy "z:\install\radmin\r_server.exe" "%systemroot%\system32\r_server.exe"
copy "z:\install\radmin\raddrv.dll" "%systemroot%\system32\raddrv.dll"
%systemroot%\system32\r_server.exe /install /silence
regedit.exe /s z:\install\settings.reg
net use z: /delete
%systemroot%\system32\r_server.exe /start

NOTE: Under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003, user executing this script must have administrator rights to install the service.

This script:

1) Maps a disk drive z: to \\server\d
2) Copies Radmin Server files to the Windows system folder.
3) Installs Radmin Server as a system service.
4) Saves server settings to the registry.
5) Delete the z: drive

Radmin Server settings (tray icon options, port, logfile options, IP filter settings, password) are stored in the registry. You can copy these settings from one computer to another:

1) You need to define these settings on some computer, you can do it using the 'Settings for Remote Administrator server' from the Start menu.
2) Run regedit.exe and export the settings from the registry to a file such as settings.reg.


3) Save these settings from the file to the registry of the other computer by executing:

regedit.exe /s settings.reg

You can install Radmin through a network management software from other vendors (like ScriptLogic). We can provide you with standard Radmin 2.2 MSI package if you wish, so you can modify it to your needs.

Remote deployment tool for Radmin will be developed after the final release of Radmin Server 3.0.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
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