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The Remote IP Tracker at was developed for a customer of ours that uses Remote Administrator to access his computers while traveling between 3 countries. Unfortunately, a static IP is only available in one of his countries and so Remote IP Tracker was written to help resolve that issue.

What exactly does Remote IP Tracker do?

It issues you a tracking code, and generates a HTML file that you run on the computer you want to track. At 2 minute intervals, it posts the IP Address of the computer to the site. You can lookup this code from anywhere in the world by simply visiting and looking it up. It will show you the latest IP address, date and time stamp (in central time, as the server is in Texas, USA)

What does the code look like, and how will I remember it?

The code is a fairly long, random string of characters:


We don't expect you to write it down or memorize it. We have an account feature where you can create an account and automatically store a virtually unlimited number of codes and even describe them, so you know which code belongs to which computer/device.

***THE BIG QUESTION***: How can I use the Remote IP Tracker with Famatech's Remote Administrator?

Our client flew from Los Angeles, USA to Frankfurt, Germany and once in his hotel room, tried to remote access his computer with Remote Administrator in the U.S. only to find that it wouldn't work because his cable modem's IP address had been changed. Also, our client has an office in India where they have a DSL connection which changes IPs every 6 hours.

If the Remote IP Tracker is run on every machine that you plan to remote access, and all the tracking codes stored in your account at, you'll never have to worry about getting a static IP again.

Can this save me any money?

Absolutely! Static IPs are often only provided to non-residential connections which are offered at a preimium price. Why bother if you can just use Remote IP Tracker to tell you what your IP is?

Can I share my tracking code with others?

If your entire office needs to remote access a computer that is running Remote IP Tracker, you can send your tracking code to as many people as you want, and they can all look it up or store it in their account at Please be careful to only share your code with those that you trust.

Is this available to broadband users only or can dialup users make use of this?

The one thing we like about RAdmin is its ability to allow productive office work to be done even while accessing a machine on a dialup connection. It is possible to set dialup connections to auto redial if disconnected, and even if the tracking HTML file runs while disconnected, it won't matter. It posts data every 2 minutes, so as soon as your computer re-connects, the IP will be posted.

Infact, the tracking HTML can be used as a "keep alive" for dialup, ISDN, or DSL connections that disconnect due to inactivity. is currently a free site, and we have no immediate plans to put up ads or charge any money. We are running it as a non-profit site. New features will be added to the Remote IP Tracker if enough people are using it.

If anyone has any questions, or comments, especially on how they can use the Remote IP Tracker with Famatech's Remote Administrator software, I will be happy to help.
radmin 2.x cannot use such a feature as far as I know ....
The Remote IP Tracker is not software specific. It can work with RAdmin 2.x. What makes you think it cannot? It doesn't directly interface with RAdmin. You still have to lookup the IP with Remote IP Tracker and then change the entry in RAdmin 2.x.

Remote IP Tracker was written for our client that uses RAdmin v2.1 actually.
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